how to argue with a catHOW TO ARGUE WITH A CAT
A Human’s Guide to the Art of Persuasion
by Jay Heinrichs 
Illustrated by Natalie Palmer-Sutton

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Jay Heinrichs, author of Thank You for Arguing and Word Hero, has introduced the art of rhetoric to a whole new generation of young people. With humor and intelligence, Heinrichs continues his work with How to Argue with a Cat. Through its spotlight on the cat, nature’s least persuadable animal, the book is an accessible and fun primer to an art that gives a shy person a voice, brings groups together, and inoculates them against the more nefarious kinds of manipulation. Students will learn the secrets to debating without fear; using body language, tone, and gesture to heighten the delivery of their argument; and to think about what their opponent wants, no matter how cat-like they may be.