July 2010

Going Down South by Bonnie J. Glover

by Bonnie J. Glover, author of Going Down South: A Novel

Since 2005 when my first book, The Middle Sister, was published, I’ve been asked to speak at various public schools, ranging from grade schools to colleges in Florida where I’m currently a resident. Each event has left me wanting to participate more in book discussions with young adults and I’m glad that now I’m receiving  invitations to speak in schools as far away  as Missouri.

When I speak to these school age kids we discuss our journeys through life and both of my novels, including my latest work, Going Down South. And, of course, there are always at least a few questions regarding my personal writing process and how to get published.  When I speak to adults, they tend to ask about book deals and money. Kids are different.  They ask about what’s fair game—is it all right to tell a story about something that really happened? And, young people often ask about inspiration.  That’s a great subject.  We also discuss reading and my personal belief that a person can never become a successful writer without being a successful reader first. (more…)


American Widow by Alissa Torres; Illustrated by Sungyoon Choi

by Alissa Torres, author of American Widow

American Widow is the book I wrote because I couldn’t talk about my husband, Eddie Torres, dying at the World Trade Center.  I was mute as the whole world talked about the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

In the earliest post-9/11 days, I filled spiral bound notebooks with repetitive outpourings and memories.  By January 2002, I wrote my first personal essay, one of many published on salon.com.  I crafted them late into the night while my infant son slept, documenting my surreal existence so close to the center of something so big and so sad.  By the summer of 2002, I started writing the script for American Widow, my graphic novel memoir.  It had to be a graphic novel because my story was one of pictures, the collision of two sets — those of the towers burning and those of my husband smiling. (more…)