Lisa See, author of New York Times bestseller Dreams of Joy, recently sat down with St. Louis’ HEC-TV to talk about her books and her unique writing process. In “A Conversation with Lisa See,” the author discusses the extensive research methods through which her books come alive. See, who has authored a number of critically acclaimed books, including Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Shanghai Girls, says that her research is so thorough because incorporating genuine aspects of Chinese culture is key in bringing her stories to life. When it comes to her research, See goes the whole length: spending time in the country, interviewing real refugees, and even making it a point to eat everything she makes her characters consume. But facts and figures aren’t the only trademark elements of See’s novels; the author explains that she focuses on universal relationships because she wants her readers to relate to her characters and step into their shoes, joining them on their journeys of self-reflection and self-discovery.

Watch Lisa See talk more about her novels and answer viewer questions in the full interview.