Leap Write Inby Karen Benke, author of Leap Write In! (April 2013, Roost Books) and Rip the Page! (Roost Books)

After the last bell, the middle and high school students in my small town gather on the sunny patio in front of the local Starbucks.  They hang out in lose clusters talking, snacking and, of course, text messaging.  A few feet away, I sit in my silver car and wait for my pre-teen son to finish his socializing, the conversations I overhear cause the corners of my mouth turn upward as I imagine their words, exchanges, exclamations finding their way into poems.  As a writing coach to kids and kids-at-heart, this scene—and others like them—serve as inspiration for the many experimental writing prompts I create to get people inspired to pick up a pen.

In addition to my coaching and work with California Poets in the Schools, I meet with groups of tweens and teens at local bookstores.  (more…)