Photo credit by Isabelle Dervaux

Photo credit by Isabelle Dervaux

By Jessie Hartland, author of Steve Jobs: Insanely Great (Schwartz & Wade, July 2015)

Dear Reader,

Steve Jobs. He was willful and rebellious and did NOT like to follow rules. He dropped out of college after just one semester, grooved on psychedelic drugs, and delved into meditation. Then, at age twenty-one, he started a little business in his parents’ garage that became the world’s most valuable company. Who was this guy? I had to know more. Who wouldn’t want to know more?!

The result of that curiosity is my new graphic biography. No need to get crushed by a cinder block of a book—STEVE JOBS: Insanely Great is a quick but complete read, taking you from Steve’s roots in the early days of Silicon Valley to his ouster from and triumphant return to Apple to his role in creating all the cool iProducts everyone wants. (more…)

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