9780440246312This past fall Mike Filce, an English teacher at South Tahoe High School in California and longtime Lee Childs fan, discovered that adding a couple of his own Jack Reacher novels to his classroom library shelf was just the trick to get his reluctant readers to pick up a book, particularly a group of his junior boys. Check out the note Mr. Filce recently sent us:

I am a 20+ year veteran English teacher, and incidentally a long-time Lee Child fan. If you teach middle or high school, you know well the great challenge of engaging boys in reading, especially those “reluctant readers,” as it takes special authors and special stories to do so. Our English courses require reading and reporting by page goals, and when I introduced a couple Reacher books to my shelves that I had finished reading myself, in a short time they got snatched up and read voraciously. While at first I was surprised because I hadn’t expected these relatively longer books to be a hit, my male students responded to the fast-moving, highly engaging Reacher stories in the same way I do. (more…)